Monday, September 9, 2013

BIG TIME DEFIANCE! sissy diane is fighting back - the resistance against shaving and further feminization

Here's an e-mail i sent to Mistress Cassie 3 weeks ago in a weak, sissy moment:

Hello Mistress,
It's that time of the year - August. When You gave me the Marilyn Monroe assignment August seemed so, so far away. Now it draws near an end. I haven't been a good gurl this summer, as my body hair has grown in a very un lady like fashion, and I've put off this assignment.
Now i'm in a familiar place. Trying to resist You when we both know that resistance is futile. my blog is proving to be more popular than ever, averaging over 1,000 page views  every day. Last week I had one day that was over 2,000. During this frenzy of activity I can't help but realize that the blog was Your doing. I have reader's who want more - more pics of me.
The element of forced feminization is a popular piece of the blog. As I struggle to resist, I can't help but think that a post or even comment from You would put me over the edge. I know that this is another instance of 'be careful what you wish for', but I can't help it. I need You and I also need Your expression of Authority over me.
Just thinking out loud here. I hope You are well.  *:-* kiss

There's been No response. Now there's no doubt that Her silence has been very effective at driving me into a sissy frenzy. i have posted on this blog more than ever of late and i frequently check my mail hoping to hear from Her. i also check Her blog, which She has not updated since June. Arrrrrgggghhh!

It may (or may not) prove foolish, but i'm digging in here. It has been months since i shaved or dressed and posted here enfemme. i'm having fun posting teasing pics of beautiful Women and poor, dominated sissies. i also enjoy the back & forth with reader's via comments. It's so much easier this way. Using this blog as an outlet without recourse. i'm actually feeling a little sense of freedom for the first time in years.

Yes; shaving, make up, creams, camera time - it's all so time consuming and so much work! i think i like this newly rediscovered freedom. It's a little ridiculous to be controlled by a Canadian Mistress via IM, e-mail and phone. i even have the occasional thoughts of a return to manhood!

Here are some very influential photo's that have been instrumental in my femming & shaving in particular. With the exception of this new entry:

The others have resulted in lengthy hours caged as i masturbated looking at the beauty of Their smooth shaved legs. Lately i'm guilty of not even caging after masturbating to these ICON'S.

i still wear panties every day, all day. i still pee sitting down. i still wear a bra and breast forms regularly, along with slips, girdles & stockings. i still cum into a plastic Pussy. But i am a hairy, manly mess otherwise, and the element of forced feminization has been missing for too long.

The only question is whether it's long enough. i will undoubtedly have a conversation with Mistress sooner or later on this subject, and i will speak my mind. i'll listen too, of course.


 It's You're move Mistress Cassie.

May the best (P/person?*) win!

sissy maid diane

*Mistress never loses, but maybe She's just tired of fucking with me.



  1. It is not totally unusual for a sissy to rebel. However, your expressions are very disrespectful. If i expessed myself with your words, it would be a very long time before i would be able to sit comforably. If that is your objective, it would have been better to simply ask for a spanking. If you are just uncertain about being a sissy maid, just shave, put on your best outfit, do your make-up and recognize you are better off as a sissy maid. your next post should be a very sincere appology - to your Mistress and all Mistresses.

    1. Yes, in hind sight the post was disrespectful. i was having a bad day, which is a poor excuse. i may well be in for a spanking. Meanwhile, i will consider an apology post.

      Thank you for your comments.


  2. You can't win this one, Diane. If you are too strong, you are not submissive enough - and you are cut loose. The Mistress must be dominant. You can't have a weak Mistress, it isn't worth it. So, unless you WANT to be slapped down......

    1. Ah yes, the 'no win' situation is a familiar one for us submissive sissies. i don't have a weak Mistress, i am the weak one. Yesterday was a bad day, and a weak moment spawned this ill advised post. No, i don't particularly want to be slapped down, and i cower now in hopes that it will all blow over, and nothing will come of it. The sissy way out.........