Sunday, December 30, 2012

sissy denial and begging Mistress for release

Yes, the twists and turns of my personal life continue. i apologize to those who perceive my recent posts as a delay tactic and are put off by my not delivering on a promised picture post.

There is no balance in my current situation. Too many problems, and too much pressure. One thing that i have delivered on is my promise of chastity until i session with Mistress. It's been over 3 weeks now without  masturbation. Another type of pressure is building daily. Some days i fight through the pressing biological need to cum without a lot of difficulty. This is not one of those days.

Mistress already knows that i will eventually submit to Her. my unheeded need for Her is what is ultimately out of balance right now. i have been inescapably caught in Her hypnotic and overpowering trap. Sadly for me, Mistress doesn't seem to be a big fan chastity, long term or otherwise. She gets more results from sessioning Her sissies to orgasm. It is a very, very effective way to condition a sissy and exert Her control. She has an expert's timing in delivering a lasting message at the height of Her subject's orgasm. And, She makes more money, of course. it is what She does for a living after all................

Sometimes chastity seems like a more humane alternative, at least for this sissy.  :o)

There is one escape though. Only Mistress Cassie can release me from my current state of frenzy, one way or the other. It may be denial, but i can ask:

Please, please Mistress Cassie. Please let me go, free me from Your feminization trap and Your control........

i am literally on my knees, begging.

sissy maid diane


  1. diane- Hoping your "pressing needs" are allowed by Mistress soon!
    Happy New.... Plastic Pussy, btw!
    Hugs, Hunni!

  2. Yes, Mistress. i know i'm being silly.

  3. i tried to escape diane.
    There truly is no way out.

  4. diane- I hope you are a happy sissy maid today!! :)

  5. Hi chloe,

    Yes, there is no escape. Good luck with your new blog. :o)


  6. Hi sara,

    Happy New Year to you honey!

    Today was better than most - thank you. :o)