Saturday, July 12, 2014

Be careful what you wish for.....

One of Mistress Cassie's favorite sayings & i've heard it a lot! Be careful what you wish for, sissy.

She has a talent for probing into the sissy psyche and finding the fantasies and the weak spots. Then She expertly exploits that information. The very first session i had with Mistress Cassie, the topic was the cage. For years She used it to control & feminize me. Recently i've been released from that cage and it's terms. i can't help but wonder if She knew all along that it would return as a tool in Her arsenal, if it ever left at all.

my poor neglected cage (and more femming) awaits.

Mistress has been silent lately, but She has a knack for showing up when i'm most vulnerable - like now..

Yes, my need for caging from Mistress Cassie grows. This knowing full well from experience that i should be more careful.......

sissy maid diane

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