Saturday, July 12, 2014

Mistress at ease

i came across this photo while doing an image search which was of Dominating Mistresses and sissies. This young Mistress is at ease as i am quite sure that Mistress Cassie is as well. In my case in particular, She is in no hurry to reign me back in, confident that Her hypnosis and training these past several years will eventually wear me down.

my day as a 50's housewife is now 2 weeks overdue, and i've gotten sloppy about my feminine hygiene. For the umpteenth time it's my feeble attempt at trying to convince myself that i can escape Her trap. Instead, of course, i find myself thinking about Her (and lately) the cage more than ever.

Yes, it seems that servitude to Mistress Cassie is permanent for me. i am Her property - period. Trying to ignore that has always proved to be folly, and it is no different now. When i submit to Her again (inevitable) it will only be worse, i'll be in an even deeper feminization trap. It is the nature of the relationship. Mistress knows this and is relaxing, knowing She can have me at Her feet at the snap of Her pretty fingers.

Yes, Mistress waits stress free, while my anxiety raises. Just ;like my need for Her, and increasingly, the cage.

sissy maid diane

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