Saturday, July 12, 2014

Plastic replacement therapy at the hands of Mistress Cassie

Mistress Cassie is my Therapist. i have experienced many therapeutic sessions with Her. One of the real effects of this therapy has been my reliance on plastic. The plastic cage was crucial in Her successful campaign to control my masturbation habits - and me. The plastic dildo was instrumental in my cock sucking training and ultimately lead to a real blow job. The dildo and cage successfully replaced my desire with other Women and Pussy with a desire to serve only Mistress and Her desires.

The dildo also has me constantly yearning for Mistress' dominating strap on.

The final piece of the plastic replacement puzzle was the plastic pussy. In the unlikely event that i was presented with this choice, i would undoubtedly opt for the plastic. i get excited just thinking about it (not the lovely Model).

And that is the end result of the Mistress Cassie plastic replacement therapy.

Something else that she is very, very good at.

sissy maid diane

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