Monday, September 1, 2014

Facing the (very) late assignment consequences - is another sissy diane blow job in order?

That's me, a few years ago now. Getting ready to take that big head into my mouth and swallow the cum. Did i ever fantasize about such a thing before Mistress Cassie? Yes. Did i ever think it would become a reality? Absolutely not! Unthinkable. Fantasy is one thing & i'm all about it, especially when i'm in full sissy dress up mode. But actually dressing, making a man hard and sucking him off still seems impossible. But i did it, i did it because it was a Mistress Cassie assignment.

Now here i am. overdue on a seemingly easier assignment, (living as a 50's housewife for 24 hours), which is way overdue. What's a sissy gurl to do? Once, quite a while back, Mistress assigned me to suck a bushel of cocks because i displeased Her. i didn't do the bushel, but technically that assignment is still due. i'll probably suck cock again for Mistress. It's what i think about when i'm all dressed up as diane, like i was last night. She has feminized me to the point where i want to experience those Girly emotions all over again.

When a Female sucks a cock it's perfectly normal. When a trained sissy sucks cock, well - it's perfectly normal!

And so is a mouth full:

Yes, if Mistress Cassie were to say:

"I'm feeling generous sissy, I'll give you two choices for your next assignment and a month to get one done. Either suck another cock (and swallow), or put the cage on with the lock only I have the key to, with no foreseeable release"

Well, i'd have two tough choices to decide on. A third choice, doing neither, would not be an option - as time has proved.

Yes, paying a masturbation fee, like i did last night, really isn't enough. Mistress would be entirely justified by requiring me to suck cock again for Her. i simply couldn't argue if that's the next assignment...It's one of the consequences of being trained & trapped by Mistress Cassie. And for tardiness on sissy assignments......

sissy maid diane

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