Sunday, September 7, 2014

Petticoats - feminine for Women, feminizing for sissies

Lingerie is, in general, a feminine matter. Women look and feel good wearing all types of lingerie. There are plenty of sexy panties, bras, slips, stockings, garter belts and more, They can attractive accessories, and they specifically attract men. Among the most feminine of Women's undergarments is the petticoat. A wardrobe staple in the 50's, it has a lot of history prior to that. So frilly, so full, so feminine!

Then, there's the feminizing affect of petticoats. When a sissy adorns a petti, she experiences the same gurly sensations. Also, the sissy is apt to attract men. It can be, and is, a feminizing garment.

i know this well, from experience. i own a large collection of petticoats:

And, since Mistress Cassie started feminizing me several years ago, i have posed in front of the camera many times in petti's:

Yes, petticoats are very feminine, and very feminizing......

sissy maid diane

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