Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The sissy erection - a green light for Mistress

When Mistress gets Her sissy shaved and dressed, She looks for the inevitable tell tale sign that sissy is excited to be in this state - and, in Her presence. Once She sees that erection, Mistress knows that Her sissy will be totally malleable and She can direct the sissy towards whatever She desires.

i know this from experience. From the first phone session with Mistress Cassie, i was struck by my frantic reaction to Her. That voice, that Authoritative manner! The things She was saying! Yes, it didn't take long for Mistress Cassie to put me on Her feminization track.

It didn't take long to cum that first session either. When i did, it was so powerful, i had to come back for more. So, the erection(s) led me very far down the rabbit hole, and i can't see the light of escape.....

sissy maid diane

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  1. OH WOW, This is me !! I have been posting pictures of myself in panties on imagefap for a few years and get SOO excited everytime I see myself re-posted. Thank you !! I have to go play with myself now