Thursday, February 28, 2013

Maid Diane - the role model

Hello sissies!
I am just popping on here to remind Diane that she is a sissy roll model!  How exciting it must be to think that not only are guys jerking off to diane's sexy sissy pics,  and   gurls drooling and rubbing their pussies over the hot captions and heartfelt account of feminization,  BUT there are also many new sissies aspiring to be feminized just like diane!

I received a call today from lexi who wants to be feminized just like diane.    I know many of My callers follow diane's posts and have even become gurlfriends!     It reminds me of a bunch of girls hanging out, sharing dirty secrets, gossip and fashion tips.    What fun.

So,  let's celebrate this.  March has a couple of special days coming up.  March 17 is St. Partick's Day - lets have a special  green photo shoot for that.   My birthday is March 25,  and I want a Birthday Cake.   Diane,  I know you cook,  but this time, you can make and decorate a cake,  complete with candles for Me.

Have fun Diane,
have fun sissies!

Mistress Cassie


  1. Hello Mistress Cassie,

    Thank You for taking Your valuable time to post on O/our blog. i am always a little embarrassed and honored at the same time! i just love You so much!

    i have been looking for my 'fruited' panties (4 stores so far), and will complete that sissy assignment no matter what. Now i have two more sissy assignments - how exciting!

    Naturally i'll be in green for You on March 17, and i'm REALLY looking forward to celebrating Your Birthday! i've never baked a cake before - and what better occasion than my Mistress Cassie's Birthday.

    There will have much to discuss during my next session. :o)

    i will continue to be aspire to be the best possible sissy role model for You. You have such incredible sissy training talents!

    Luv & kisses,
    sissy maid diane