Thursday, August 14, 2014

The innocent young Woman in panties - or is She???

my goodness! Isn't She pretty - and what a lovely pair of panties. There's also that school Girl skirt. It kind of hints at air of innocence.....

It all starts so early in life for Females. They are born with a sense of femininity, and pretty panties, lingerie and and skirts just add to Their natural sexiness.

Here, our Femme Fatale is not quite so innocent. While still prety, of course, the panties are more accentuated. There's a hint of that moist Womanhood beneath. She knows what She has..........

Well, now a boy has discovered Her. It could still be a little bit of innocent play. It's antural for boys to be attracted to Girls and vice versa. Even a sissy can fully appreciate how these panties feel to the touch. Mmmmmmmmmm

Well now! An innocent girl probably wouldn't let a boy do this. But still, a sissy could consider this a form of panty training or smothering.

Uh, oh. No more innocence, and for a sissy here's where the buck stops. A sissy will never get this Pussy. The only hope is that sissy will be given the opportunity to clean uo when they are finished.

\And, wouldn't that be sweet?!?!

sissy maid diane

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