Monday, February 6, 2012

The awful, persistent presence of 'The Ex'

Yes, there's Erica, then, there's the other darker side of masturbation and caging. The Ex is bothering me again these days. Not literally, just mentally - tormenting me. i guess you could say that even 25 years after this cropped wedding day picture was taken - i am still kinda 'caught up in Her skirt.'

She was very controlling, obsessive jealous. i was constantly accused of having affairs when with Her for those 11 years. i was always faithful, and always shadowed by Her possessiveness.
Back then, She was horrified at my cross dressing. She hated my hidden stashes of a few pieces of lingerie and some porn. She was actually jealous of the pictures, or actually my attention to them. She was horribly smothering.

So why the lingering spectre of Her influence 15 plus years after our split? Well.... i just can't help it. If there had been a cock cage in the mix, well everything would have been different. While Mistress Cassie has been extremely patient and crafty in Her very effective use of the cage to control me, the Ex would have used simple blunt force.

Yes, a cage in that marriage would have meant only one thing. The Wife would have been the Key Holder, and the cage would have been on ANY time i was out of Her sight. Period. A monstrous proposition.

Even more monstrous is the fact that somehow (unbelievably), that fact arouses me. The lovely Erica caged me last night, and i was embarrassed to cum for Her in plastic panties. This morning i am right back in the cage.

my embarrassment this time is that once again i've caged for the EX while looking at our wedding picture (below). Oh, no......................

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