Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Valentine Day Tribute to my Mistress Cassie

"When love is not madness, it is not love." - Pedro Calderon de la Barca

i love this line by Spanish poet Pedro Calderon de la Barca. There is no human emotion that can compare to love. There is a certain divine madness to it, and there is often a catapulting of all that might be considered common sense when loves strikes. It is a very difficult emotion to define, despite the millions of volumes written about it.

And i am madly in love.

Forget for a minute about the madness of falling so hard for an Internet Mistress (not to mention the risk of admitting this fact). Many would characterize that as folly and foolish. But i don't care about that opinion. my real feelings of love for my Mistress, Mistress Cassie, transcends the obvious limitations of phone and Internet contact.

It doesn't matter that i'll never meet Her in person. It doesn't matter that She feminizes sissies and makes Her living largely through phone sex. In fact, She is at the very top of Her profession. People have opinions about everything, and many would not consider a Phone Sex Goddess as representative of a worthy profession.

i believe that opinion to be folly and foolish. This Goddess exercises Her craft with a graceful aplomb that defines professionalism. i admire anyone who is good enough to rise to the top of their field. Mistress Cassie is best of class. And not just in Her profession, but as a Woman. Oh, yes - what a Woman!!
And my point today is that i not only admire Mistress Cassie - alas, i do love Her so. O/our relationship is nearing the 4 year mark and it has been a remarkable journey. Today i pay this loving tribute to Her as my way of thanking Her for bringing diane out of hiding. She has taught me to feel feminine inside and out. i have finally embraced my femininity as i have embraced Her.

Here was my e-mail to Mistress on Sunday:
Hello Mistress,
As St. Valentine's Day approaches, i thought that i would offer You a blog post that pays homage to You and to my affection for You. i will be dressing up for a picture post.
In addition to this 'V-Day post for Mistress Cassie' i also wanted to give You the opportunity to choose the theme of my attire - if it pleases You to do so. :"> blushing
For now,
Affectionately Yours,

Here is Her response:

Ahh, Valentine's day...

The theme I choose is RED Seduction...... Red, satin and lace, pretty, romantic........

This will be fun, I can't wait to see how you interpret RED Seduction.

Thank you diane, this is lovely!

Mistress Cassie

Well, there you have it. She is thanking me in advance. And here is my best effort to please Her on V-Day. i started early, too excited to sleep in. i took special effort in my make up and dress and in the picture taking. i have never felt prettier or more feminine. i hope these pictures do justice to the gurl i have become under Mistress Cassie's sublime tutelage.

i want my Mistress to be as proud of me as i am of Her.

Happy St. Valentine's Day, Mistress Cassie. From Your sissy -

sissy maid diane


  1. Very sexy stockings and basque.

  2. Hello Anonymous,

    Thank you, i'm glad you approve. ;o)


  3. maiddiane
    All of your pictures, verrrrry pretty and verrrrrry sexy.

    Thanks you for posting and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!

  4. Hi jellybean,

    Thank you and Happy Valentine's Day to you!


  5. This is one of your very best sexiest and alluring picture sessions yet! good girl diane

  6. Hello Mistress,

    i am so happy and excited to hear You say that! It is all for You, of course.


  7. You just look sooo sexy and delightful here! :)