Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A visit to Mistress Cassie's sissy confessional

i've been to Mistress Cassie's sissy confessional before. It can be a scary place for a sissy. The last time it was to confess that i had been negligent in my sissy grooming (shaving). On that occasion Mistress generously gave me a couple of days to rectify the situation. However, Her frightening warning was that if i didn't get cleaned up 'there would be dire consequences'.

i have no interest in facing dire consequences from Mistress Cassie. i promptly shaved.

This visit to the confessional is a little different and almost preemptive in nature. It's about three recent video posts (including this one) and what's going on in my head. And it's about something i bought yesterday and where that's leading.

Let's start with the video's. In this 3rd installment stars my new favorite porn Figure who is nameless until now. I'll call Her Brandi, just so She has a name. In the first two video's she was the Star, cuckolding Her husband. i, of course, envisioned myself as the husband and had two powerful orgasms enjoying the vids.

Now Mistress has stated before that other Women in porn, whether it be pictures or video, actually play a role in my feminization that She is okay with. Women like Brandi are essentially soldiers in Mistress Cassie's feminization Army. She's also referred to Them a s part of Her feminization heirarchy.

There have been numerous Model's and Women along the way, Monica, Tori, The Ex just to name a few that i have been obsessed with to some dgree or other. And Mistress has been okay with all of Them. Most of them were pictures that also came in to play with my 'picture game.'

The fact is that video's don't nornally enter into my interest in porn, or my femming. So, that's one difference here with Brandi. Another is the purchase. i have purchased many femme articles as a result of playing the picture game, and many items were connected directly to a given Model.

That has happened here. In this video of Brandi & a Friend, they are using a 'Fleshlight' to tease Their helpless male subject.

i had already masturbated and caged to a Brandi cuckold video last night begfore i viewed this work of art from

So, sitting at my computer, already caged, i ordered a Fleshlight.  i ordered it with a rush deliver & delivery is expected tomorrow. The expectation when it arrives is that i'll be viewing this video again and will be popping a load into my new toy. Of course i'll cage again.

So, why the trip to the confessional?

Well, first of all, Mistress knows that i'm temporarily a little strapped for cash and as a result haven't had a phone session with Her since 1-13-12. And now, this purchase, which was about $109.00 w/ lubricant & rush delivery. That's quite a bit of phone training that i could have had.

Secondly, i wonder what Her opinion is of this series of three Brandi videos - which looks like will lead to me cumming into a 'plastic Pussy'. i will without question regard that 'Pussy'  as Brandi's.

Now, it could well be that Mistress has no problem with any of this. But, to be on the safe side i am disclosing all of the details of this latest diane escapade.

If Mistress doesn't intercede, i expect to have a fun 'fleshlight' post tomorrow evening.

sissy maid diane


  1. diane- so how are you liking your fleshlight, hon?
    Mine really is good... I don't use it that often, but Im surprised how satisfying and fun it is when I do! It really does get me nice cummies!

  2. Hi sara,

    i just posted about the fleshlight. i'm leaving it up to Mistress as to how much of a role it will play in my femming. :o)


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