Sunday, February 5, 2012

Another guest caption (with some history)

Here's another guest caption, courtesy of This Model is One i'm quite familiar with, to the point where there's some history for sure.

For regular readers, you may recognize a couple of previously posted pics of the magnificent Erica. She is amazing.

Yes, there's some history here. i have a habit of becoming infatuated with Lovelies like Erica. Sometimes, they become dominant figures in my feminization, especially when my infatuation is timed with some other femming 'event'.

In the case of Erica, my one and only journey into the 'adult baby' side of sissification happened to coincide with my love of Her pics in blue. So,, seeing this new Erica caption tonight led me to the plastic 'baby' panties. Let's just say that when i masturbate while gazing at this Beauty, it is very embarrassing to have Her 'see' me in those frilly plastic sissy panties.

Ah, such is the imagination of the sissy. But what's real is that under my plastic panties, i now have a cage locked on - courtesy of Erica. yes, Erica is the epitome   of sexy. Voluptuous, beautiful, wearing only the finest lingerie She is every sissy's fantasy.

sissy maid diane


  1. My My! plastic baby panties... with ruffles I hope.. lots and lots of ruffles!!!!


    Mistress Cassie

  2. Hello Mistress,

    Yes, there are 5 long rows of pink ruffles along the rear, with a bow on top.

    i thought maybe You already knew about them. i have posted wearing them.

    Now i'm realy embarrassed. (Blush)