Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A new sissy poll

It's been a long time since i ran a blog poll. Well, here's one. As i near my next dress up picture post, i'd like to get my follower's opinion on the subject matter of my shoot. After all, i've had so much support of late, it's the least i can do.

So, make my life easier & decide for me.

Three choices, and the poll will be complete by this weekend - just in case this is the weekend.

Choice #1 - Locked in lace

i have a number of locking sissy items. High heels:

The cage, of course:

Oh, and i have something new, involving chains & cuffs.

Choice #2 - The secretary

Oh, i have lots of skirts, blouses, slips, girdles, stockings, heels.

Everything a working gurl needs. Maybe my garter will show.

Choice # 3 - The frilly sissy

Oh, i have lots of frilly, sissy things. Panties....

Petti's........and more

So, no matter what theme reader's pick, there will be a lingerie show in there, and i will be all made up shaved and ready for the camera.

Please vote!

sissy maid diane


  1. OMG, I voted for "locks" and I still want that... but I ALSO want you wearing these, Hon!
    Kisses, Sara

  2. Hi Michelle,

    Thank you! If you're talking about the locked ones, they'll be locked & on display this evening. :o)


  3. Hi sara,

    Don't tell anybody, but i voted for locks as well..