Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The wonder (of) bra's - part two

i think i've been a little lax on the bra wearing lately & i miss that wonderful feeling. i have one on tonight that i will sleep in, with my c cup filling breast forms.

Why are bra's so important to me & my femming? Well, panties are an essential part of daily wear for me since Mistress panty trained me a few years ago. i am 100% trained and conditioned to wear panties. The fact that they are relatively easy to conceal in every day is irrelevant to the power of panties.

Bra's are another matter. Mistress knows well the value of bra's in feminizing sissies. She had me get a bra fitting at a Macy's store early on in my training. Since, She 'encourages' me to wear one. Yes, i've been conditioned to miss them & my breast forms after a relatively short period of not wearing them. But they are very hard to hide in day to day wear in the outside world.

But i've got to do better. Like panties, bras are so Female that the wearer has to feel more feminine by definition. They are a powerful femming tool that hits a deep nerve in a sissy. Oh, my!

At the end of the day, i've got to do better about wearing a bra. Like my femming in general, it's an ongoing work in progress.

These role Models should help encourage me:

While bra's serve a purpose in supporting a Woman's breasts, many are also very pretty and sexy. The pretty bra  can make Woman (or sissy) feel better about Herself and how She looks. And the sexy angle, well that's so the men can enjoy seeing and feeling their Women in them.

Oh, my goodness!!!

sissy maid diane

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