Sunday, January 20, 2013

Locked in lace - part one

Well, here we go. For tonight a sample, as it is getting late & it's been a big day.

Here i am - locked in lace by:

1) A locked dog collar & leash
2) Locked 6" pumps
3) Locked cock cage
4) Hand & ankle cuffs

Yes, i'm locked in lace by Mistress Cassie.

More photos on Sunday morning.

sissy maid diane


  1. We are glad you continue to obey Mistress Cassie. you should stay true and learn.

    Mistress Barbara and
    sissy maid kay

  2. Hello Mistress Barbara and kay,

    i am always flattered and a little embarrassed when another Mistress reads my blog, much less leaves a comment. :o)

    Thank You!

    i intend to stay true as there is still much to learn. i will continue to obey Mistress Cassie, as a Mistress always knows what's best for Her sissy.

    Regards to You both,
    sissy maid diane