Monday, January 21, 2013

Introducing Lililola

The answer is yes! i simply love Pussy! There is nothing better in the world. i love it so much that i have found my increasingly emulating Women as a result. One Woman, in particular, Mistress Cassie, has taught me the real power of Pussy, and has essentially pussified me. And Saturday evening Mistress  gave me a great gift. She allowed to to cum into pussy. The earth moved, such was my orgasmic delight.

It wasn't the real thing, of course. i've been permanently weaned from real Pussy by Mistress. But after Saturday, i now have Lililola in my life to help fill the Pussy void.

Saturdays' session had a cordial getting caught up tone to it early on, After all it had been a year since my last session. Then Mistress asked what toys that i had in bed with me. It was the big dildo, the clitty cage, and my plastic (Fleshlight) pussy.

Mistress wanted to know if i'd named my pussy yet. It had never occurred to me, especially since the relationship had not been consummated. In fact i had never been able to cum into any masturbator for decades, despite numerous purchases and efforts. So, She suggested Lillian, a lovely name for sure. But it wasn't satisfactory. i suggested one of my picture game Models as a possible name. i started with my favorite, Monica......

That seemed appropriate, what with my freshly shaved legs and silky new nylons. But it didn't strike a chord. Then, i threw out the name of a newer Model of interest, Lola.....

Mistress like that and combined it with Lillian to make a new name, that rolls off the tongue. Lot's of l's W/we actually tried a few different spellings and Lililola was born. i was already obssesing about Lola and had purchased a pink opaque pair of PVC panties, similar to what She is wearing.....

The greatest obsession of all. with Pussy had taken on a new dimension. Lola gets an assist, but it was Mistress would did the impossible.

Mistress used Her amazing hypnotic talents & voice to set the mood. As always, She was drawing me further into hypnosis with that remarkable Voice. As the session subject turned to Lililola, She suddenly put me on the clock. She counted backwards from 10, all the while interjecting mind control remarks about Her control over me, and the inviting plastic pussy, which i had now entered.

By the time She got close to 'one' i was beginning to realize that i was about to cum.. And cum i did - right on time!

i came and came and came. It was as if all those years of not being able to masturbate to orgasm in a masturbation device had backed up into a cum reserve. It was a game changing explosion.

It will be interesting to see where this leads. Armed with a very effective new toy, Mistress will undoubtedly be femming me even more. i will follow Her lead. me & Lililola.

The teasing, plastic covered Pussy of Lola will figure in there too.  :o)

sissy maid diane

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