Monday, January 14, 2013

sissy diane's blog milestones

Well, today certainly was note worthy. First of all i wasn't at the computer all day, although it probably looks that way with 10+ posts today alone. Some of them were done at the same (inspirational) time and scheduled for posting. The significant time i did spend with captions was therapeutic i think.

More importantly, my blog happened to reach two milestones today:

1,000 page views today
250,000 page views since blog's start

To me, these are eye popping numbers that tell a story. It's a short story :o).

 i am truly blessed to have numerous faithful followers. To date, 116 have joined the site, and i know many others drop in from time to time. It's no secret that i had a bad time of it last year & having support form my reader's has been like having an extended family. And is much appreciated.

i just love y'all so much.

Please don't expect 10 posts a day. :o)

For those who are tired of my caps, i think i'm feeling the need for some serious sissy gurl time. i want to feel pretty again. i'm not promising a date, but i'm confident that there will be some diane content coming soon.

Meanwhile - thank you all!

sissy maid diane

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