Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A sissy Alison Angel'd

Geeez, i have got to address my porn addiction. A certain Alison Angel has gotten under my skin lately, big time! Reader's may have noticed that She has been the Model for a number of captions on this blog recently. It all started with a search of images of beautiful Women in bras. Orange is a weakness in my wardrobe. But i have a hard time finding any weakness in Alison. What a Beauty! What a perfect body! She is a Major sissifier FOR SURE.

Alison's not the first porn Goddess that's rocked my world, of course. Monica Miller is a prime Example of Porn Stars past that have been influential in my femming.

Monica's perfect legs are an ongoing (years) femming influence.The rest of Her is impressive as well.

Interestingly, Mistress Cassie is never threatened by these Lovelies. In fact She encourages me to bring them into my world. They are (as i've said here before) a part of Her hierarchy. The latest Officer in Her feminization Army is Alison.

Alison, Monica and these other world class Beauties are musicians in a feminization orchestra. The Conductor, the Maestro is One Mistress Cassie.

So this is it for my bra training series of posts. i'll try to bury the evidence of numerous posts regarding this issue. i'll do it with unrelated captions and posts. Hopefully Mistress is busy femming other sissies right now and won't impose a daily minimum of bra wearing on me.

If She does, well - i can thank Alison Angel for fueling my recent 'bra' fire. She's an Angel all right. But She's kinda devilishly naughty as well!

Oh, my goodness! Where' my plastic pussy & cage??????

sissy maid diane


  1. diane will a bra 4 days a week , for minimum weeking total of 16 hours

    Mistress Cassie

    1. Hello Mistress,

      Thank You so much for Your comment! And, of course the additional fem training. As You know, i have many bra's to choose from, and i'll wear them proudly for my Mistress Cassie.

      Luv & Yours,
      sissy maid diane

  2. Mmm, hunni... I love her giving us a wash down, hee :)