Friday, February 1, 2013

Discovering silk stockings - love at first feel!

i have no explanation as why it took me so long to discover silk stockings. i have purchased dozens of pairs of nylons of all types. This includes some pretty nice stuff - like 15 denier.

But it's all nylon, which is still wonderful. But it's not silk. i'm not sure quite how i became so enamored with the idea lately, but silk has been on my mind.

i was trying to buy a bunch of vintage stockings a week or so ago on e-bay. It was a furious auction and i was beat out at the last minute. And what was looking like a real bargain was getting expensive. So, i bought a pair that night for $40.00. That's a lot for one pair of stockings, but they came today and - wow!

i haven't shaved since my dress up two weeks ago, and i'm developing a bit of stubble. But i tried one on, just one and i could feel the sensual, feminine silkiness, even with a bit of drag over the stubble. i need to shave this weekend and try them both on properly.

i already know it's going to be special, maybe special enough to require another phone session with Mistress Cassie. We'll see. For now, silk stockings are in  the house.


sissy maid diane


  1. Ooh! I really must try this too... thanks for the great ideas, hunni!
    Hugs, Sara

  2. Hi Sara,

    You're welcome! It makes me wonder what i was thinking - not doing it sooner. :o)