Monday, February 4, 2013

Mistress Cassie's hierarchy

Mistress Cassie's hierarchy, i've addressed it before - but not lately. It comes in many forms, but generally it's associated with what i see or smell. Pretty things, exciting, gurly things. Something as innocuous as a nameless Woman wearing a skirt or heels (or both!) can and do become part of the hierarchy.

They help Mistress feminize me. Nothing helps more than images (porn). Here's the latest, whom i will call Andrea. i've already put Andrea in one caption and here's another. She is also prominently displayed in my sissy photo album, from where the 'picture game' is played.

i like everything about Andrea's photo. The face, Her expression, the nail polish, Her clothes, and especially the amazing display of Here sexuality. It's overpowering and it helped lead me to send this e-mail to Mistress Cassie:

Hello Mistress,

i have just posted about a pair of silk stockings that i have purchased, my first. They have opened my eyes about the difference between silk & nylon.

It's very exciting & i haven't shaved in a couple of weeks. i can only imagine what they will feel like on freshly shaved legs. 

i will be shaving, but i'd like Your opinion about silk stockings. Perhaps a blog comment?
i will be calling to be sessioned  after i hear from You and have an opportunity to shave & dress. 


And that's the way Mistress' feminization hierarchy works.

To be continued.....

sissy maid diane


  1. She is, of course, gorgeous!
    Hugs, Sara