Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Forced to dress - pictorial

For the first time Mistress Cassie has forced a phone session. From the beginning She has forced me address my lifelong love of lingerie. She has forced the issue, and now the level of my feminization has grown past the point that i ever thought possible.

It's Her femming schedule now. The days of occasionally donning a pair of panties and a slip for masturbation are long gone. Back then i squirrel away my little lingerie stash in shame when i was done. Now i wear panties 24/7 and blog about it.

She firmly guides my feminine development. Her interests become mine. One example was during last night's phone session with Mistress. She gave me a couple of (always interesting) assignments. One is to research and listen to the music of Lana Del Ray. An interesting assignment for sure. She Ms. Del Ray's music on in the background during the session. So, She affects my musical tastes as well.

The other assignment is to start shopping in lingerie store or departments - hands on - for a specific design of panties. No on line purchases for this one. The panties must have fruit or vegetable design on them. Once i find them, i must do a picture post wearing them. i own over 300 pairs of panties, and none qualify. So a new sissy quest begins.

The real message of last night's session was a twist on the St. Valentine's Day phrase 'be mine'. Her message was slightly different.

'You are mine'. 

And so here are pictures of what i was wearing last night. The session peaked when i came into Lililola, and then was caged for 12 hours.

As Valentine's Day approaches, ii dress knowing that i am the property of Mistress Cassie.

sissy maid diane


  1. you look ridiculous....

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. :o)

  2. Hunni-
    So, did you find the vegetable/fruit panties, hon?

    Must listen to Lana del Ray.. hmmm :) I find I've been listening to WAY more girly songs these days :)

    Luv your pics! Hope you got to use the fleshlight??

    Huggies, Sara

  3. Hi,

    Still looking, i stopped at Macy's today - no luck. But no time limit (yet).

    i did fill up Lililola (the fleshlight), listening to the hypnotic voice of Mistress. Listening to girly songs just makes sense - doesn't it?