Wednesday, May 18, 2011

frilly sissy petticoats

i have been fascinated by petticoats for some time. Just the frilly sissy appearance alone makes my heart go pittypat. For whatever reason though i was late in actually wearing one. It belonged to my last wife, and wasn't full, but it was a petticoat. Black and stiny with white trim. After that divorce in 1997, i exercised that wonder of an an online purchase & bought a couple of petti's. Too much organza & stuff going on to substitute for a slip over panties with the goal of sissy masturbation. But i instinctively knew right away it was a feminizing garment. So frilly! i own lots of petticoats now, and took lots of pictures for Mistress while wearing them.

When i transformed my bedroom into a sissy gurl's room last year, my closet became 100% sissy. The petti's are a daily reminnder of how much Mistress Cassie's training has transformed who i really am.

Not that long ago, petti's were an exciting curiosity. Now, they dominate my closet with their number, different colors, fullness, and frilliness. Every day when i open my closet, they scream - you are such a sissy!

And i am.

sissy maid diane


  1. Hi Jenny,

    Thank you. Stay tuned, more to come. :o)