Monday, May 16, 2011

sissy's bra story

The bra, what a wonderful invention! It encases a Woman's breasts and can play a big role in encasing a sissy. Unlike panties, girdles and slips, the bra was not a central figure in my early crossdrsesing days. The magazine pictures were just as fascinating, but i didn't start to really appreciate bras until high school. Like a lot of teenage boys, i was guilty of awkward groping when i finally got some private time with a Girl. The feel of a bra covering breasts was a real eye opener. It was probably 50-50 on what i found more exciting - the bra, or what was on the other side.

As i got older and was priviledged to encounter more bras & breasts, it actually came to my attention that The Female might not have the same appreciation of a 'good feel' that i did. It wasn't until recently that i came to understand that response. More about that later.

Let's just say that after relationships turned to marriage, i didn't raid the bra drawer much, if at all. When my femming started in earnest in 2008, i can remember buying a powder blue bra (still one of my favs) with formed, padded cups. i was very, very excited and told Mistress as much. Yes, i added LOT of bras to my rather lame collection after the Mistress Cassie influence started to take hold. Before that, i had several, but filled them with foam inserts, if anything. A little over a year ago, i discovered silicone. Oh, my. That's when i really started enjoying feeling myself up, and feeling my blooming femininity.

But, i'm jumping ahead. i still have a strong attraction to pictures of Women in lingerie, including what i would call 'soft porn'.  Even hard core porn sets often start ou with The Woman wearing lingeries, a tease of sorts. So, here are some more recent pics that i love of Women in bras and a few of me.

There has been a development recently related to bras - a new purchase. i'll share that in new pictures once i've rebuilt something of a blog. And when i'm ready for the next phase of femming by Mistress Cassie. That will inevitably come, soon enough.

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