Sunday, May 15, 2011

The sissy's feminization journey

This is a recap of my feminization, from the beginning. i'll be recapturing some of my past posts and work towards actively reentering the world of femming, femming by Mistress Cassie. This new blog is the first step in getting back up to speed. i'm not ready for a feminization phone session with Mistress. my last phone session with Her was a 'life' issues session. You see, Mistress Cassie is much more than my online Trainer. She is also my counselor in life matters. Such is the depth of the this Mistress/ sissy relationship. Her influence and control runs deep - as do my sissy roots.

i am not a young sissy. Thank goodness for make up! When i was approaching puberty (in the 60's) i became fascinated by Women's periodicals that i found around the house. Specifically magazines like Redbook and Ladies Home Journal. The lingerie ads in particular caught my fancy. In those days,. girdles and stockings were the norm. The lingerie ads were wondrous to me. Lovely young Women wearing all sorts of pretty lingerie. Store catalogs like Sears and JC Penny were also readily available at home. They had pages upon pages of lingerie for sale with accompanying pictures, of course.

While i was discovering this treasure trove of delights, adolescence was setting in, puberty was making itself felt. It was time to experience masturbation. A popular topic amongst my male classmates. As it was, there was also access to panties, slips girdles and other goodies in the house. my first masturbation event found me in panties with a Sears catalog in one hand, my pantyclad cock in the other. The die was cast.

Back then, i was just about the smallest guy in school. This was another factor in the grand scheme of things. The Girls naturally prefered the company of the bigger guys. So, in Junior High School, i was basically on the sidelines, watching the Girls with growing fascination and admiration. my goodness, they put on a show, even back then. Before the Feminist movement gained prominence, even young Girls still wore girdles, stockings and skirts/ dresses. It was normal every day school wear for them. And every day i was treated to upskirts that made the pages of magazines and catalogs real.

i masturbated frequently, never without panties on and usually with a borrowed slip and or girdle involved. The cross dressing hook was set very deep, very early for me. i experienced a growth spurt when i was 16 growing 10 inches in less than a year. Girls were suddenly attainable. In every relationship since then, my lingerie addiction played a role in one way or the other.

More on that later, but for today, a tribute to girdles. i saw lots of them when i was young. In ads, in school, in what should have been forbidden lingerie drawers. Now i have about 3 drawers full of my own girdles. Here are some pictures of an ad or two and of me, from a while ago. From the other blog.

sissy maid diane


  1. Nice to hear a bit of your back story Diane. Looking great for your age honey! I never realised!

    Looking forward to hearing more

    Your are so lucky to have Mistress Cassie to help you along the way

    Keep well



  2. Hi Tiffy,

    i like that nick name! i'll be giving a little more background & some of the old blog content before adding new stuff, and new adventures in femming.

    Yes, i am lucky to have the help and guidance of Mistress. Thanks for reading!