Sunday, May 15, 2011

Panty love - a sissy's new perspective, courtesy of serving Mistress

So, it all started at puberty years ago. While i rebuild my sissy blog it's already apparent to me that i have a different perspective than i did when i started my 2008 blog. Three years of being feminized by Mistress Cassie has changed a lot of things for me. While being feminized, i was and still am serving Her interests. Mistress is in control, my role is one of sissy servitude. It is a mutually rewarding relationship.

It has dawned on me that i made a fundamental and recurring error in judgement in previous relationships with Women. Back to my teenage years, when the die was cast and i became a lifetime cross dresser. my addiction to lingerie was driven home by the feel good results of masturbation. When girls first started noticing me in High School, after my growth spurt, i graduated from magazines to the real thing. Girls!

The only problem was that i quickly fell 'in love' with what They were, not Who they were. i simply love Females, period. But falling 'in love' with the feel of real Female breasts in a bra, or a real, soft Female bottom in panties is not love. Women feel good, they are soft and pretty. They smell good, and they are silky smooth. And - They all come with Their own wardrobe!!! That alone does not make for a successful relationship, as it turns out. A lesson i learned over & over again. Until i finally met the right Woman, on line. Mistress Cassie. She has taught me more about Women and myself than i learned from all of my previous relationships with Women - combined. That will be the tone of this new blog, the new diane, the new me.

Before getting to the details of the last 3 years of my femming by Mistress, (and what comes next) here's some more of what led up to my current state

After getting regular peeks at girdles in school and discovering masturbation, it was panties that became the object of my desire. No other Female garment was, or is more important to me. During puberty, getting an up skirt peek at girdles was exciting stuff for sure. Looking at pictures of Women in girdles after such peeks given by school Girls and then cumming is where it all started. But girdles are not masturbation wear. Panties are. For years, even after i married for the first time at 19, i masturbated with borrowed panties. Now, of course i am 100% panty trained and have a huge collection of panties that i can happily call my own.

Interesting ,(i think), i never really had many up skirt peeks at panties. It was girdles mainly. But panties are the mainstay article of clothing that has really influence me the most. Of the thousand of times i've masturbated in my life, i would say that i was wearing panties for 99.9% of those events. Panties rule!

Next up - slip love.

sissy maid diane.

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