Tuesday, May 17, 2011

sissy high heels

What goes better with nylon stockings than high heels? Nothing! High heels really aren't natural. Extreme high heels are very unnatural. They are uncomfortable, hard to wear for any length of time, hard to walk in period. i personally prefer looking at Women in very high heels. Heels accentuate a Woman's legs, especially the calfs. They are very, very sexy. i think Women wear these wonderful, uncomfortable shoes knowing that the legs are shown off. High heels attract men, and they also attract sissies.

i like everything about high heels, even the discomfort. A small price to pay. They are so, so Female. i can wear panties all day, every day (and i do), but it can be my little secret most of the time. There's simply no hiding high heels, or their effect.

i often find myself walking around on the balls of my feet when i'm not in heels. A constant reminder of how much time i've spent in them. A lot of hours in heels, high heels, 5" or more high. i bought my first pair years ago and hid them like a squirrel buries an acorn. They came out of hiding for brief periods, when i would really feel the urge to dress. They didn't stay on long back then. Like panties, slips, girdles, stockings and bras, it was masturbation wear before Mistress Cassie. On went my gurly things, out came the cum, off went the gurly things.

Yes, those days are forever gone. i own lots of heels now, more than most Women, i think. i belong in high heels now. No, i don't wear them for a few minutes, masturbate, then quickly take them off & hide them. i wear them often now, enjoy them , and don't associate masturbation with wearing high heels. i am simply a girl who enjoys wearing high heels. i have learned to embrace and celebrate my feminization. i am trained.

These are the days of diane, sisssy diane, trained by Mistress Cassie to feel at home in heels, in lingerie, to miss it all when i'm not dressed as a gurl. i am Mistress Cassie's sissy girl diane.

Next up, petticoats. Soon i'll get into an overview of my massive collection of sissy things, including toys. Then, i'll address the Mistress Cassie Era, which started in earnest in 2008 - but has roots going back to 2003..

sissy maid diane


  1. yes I only own one pair of heels.. and I utterly adore them.. I wear them almost all the time at home. I wish I could just wear heels 100& of the time.

    They're getting rather worn!

  2. I see you have been working hard of your blog, diane.. very good. The complete sissy autobiography.

  3. Hello Mistress Cassie,

    Yes, i am working hard on my blog, Thank You! The best part of my sissy autobiography is yet to come. The many years prior to 2008 pale in comparison to the prgress i've made since, with Your training and guidance. :o)


  4. Hi Tiffany,

    yes, i know the feeling, the urge to be 'heeled' 100% of the time. Fortunately i have many pairs to chhose from, so wear and tear hasn't been a big issue. Although i do remember breaking a heel one Halloween night on my porch steps. :o)

    Get some more heels sweetie!