Tuesday, May 17, 2011

sissification and stockings, a short history

Stockings are another of the world's all time great creations. Featured in many of the ads i came to lovee in my youth, the girdles i viewed in school had garters, and the garters were attached to stockings. Great combination. i remember a magazine ad from the 60's that featured a lovely Woman sitting in a chair with Her legs crossed. The message of the ad was that the era of pantyhose was at hand. The Model was showing garters and stocking tops. Unsightly?? No, it was an image that drew a LOT of cum out of me. i have spent countless hours searching for that vintage ad, to no avail. If i ever found it, i would recognize it immediately. That image is forever burned into my memory. Pantyhose are fine & i own lots of pairs now. But stockings and garters - whether from a girdle, bustier or garter belt simply rule!

When i was just starting high school, right before my growth spurt, i used to catch the school bus at an elementary school a few blocks from home. In the winter, the bad neighborhood Girls would sit on the gym stage with Their legs crossed, giving gawkers like me quite a show. my favorite magazine ad came to life. i love the winter still. Back then, those Girls were regarded as sluts. me, well i likened Them to Goddesses. How ironic that i would eventually become a slut myself, a sissy slut.

my first real life appreciation of stockings came later on, when i first felt the silky legs of a young Woman in nylons. i got a much deeper appreciation of the wonder of nylon stockings decades later, in 2008. When Mistress had me shave my legs and i slipped on nylons over my smooth legs, it all finally came full circle for me. There will be much more about the Mistress Cassie influence to come, but for today, a tribute to nylon stockings.

Here are a couple of pics that are old blog pics of me, shaved, in nylons - a sissy slut properly trained by Mistress Cassie.

Next - high heels. They go on so much easier when nylons are on.

sissy maid diane

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