Sunday, January 6, 2013

sissy diane regroups - the real thing

For my regular readers  i apologize for my not following up on my December posts. i'm in a particularly challenging state these days, and it was getting out of control, in more ways than one. Those posts were another round of sissy frenzy that is not healthy right now.

While i haven't had a phone session with Mistress Cassie yet, i have exchange e-mails with Her. Basically She gave me some good advice about life in general. It doesn't do Her any good if one of Her trained sissies goes off the deep end. And i was on the precipice. There will be more to come on how Mistress is helping me get through a very bad stretch. i don't intend to use this forum for details about my personal problems. It's worth noting though how remarkable Mistress is. She is in a class of Her own, THE ABSOLUTE BEST.

For now, Mistress wants me to curtail posting and blog activity until i get my life responsibilities in order. i will start posting once a week temporarily, mostly caps.

Today, this caption post is about the real thing - feminization and sissy submission to Women. In my case One Woman, namely Mistress Cassie.

Oh, but i do like this photo.


sissy maid diane


  1. Diane- I (sincerely, hugs!) hope things are going well with you!!!
    I do really care how things are going for you. Glad Mistress is helping you out! Please take care...

  2. Hi sara,

    Thank you for your support. i'll get there - with Mistress' help. ;o)