Monday, July 25, 2011

my all time favorite sissy caption

Yes, this my my all time favorite caption. It pretty much covers everything i fantasize about as a sissy, and then some. In the foreground is (in my opinion) the incomparable Monica Miller (well incomparable as a porn Model - no Woman can be compared to Mistress Cassie).

Monica has such a well proportioned figure and this shoot (which i found after an exhaustive Internet search) is one of my favorites overall.

Here's one that's been featured here before that i never get tired of:

Those legs. It's inspirational for a sissy like me to look at the perfect smooth sexy legs. i have caged numerous times after viewing Monica.

While Mistress Cassie would surely dispatch of any real Woman love interest in my life ( She has already done so), She is not threatened by images like these. i am the one at risk when i view such images.

Some may remember my old blog post & references to 'the picture game', which i still play - all too often. sissies do like to play games. Without boring readers too much, i basically hold a favorite picture in front of my face and blindly scroll down through my sissy picture folder & if that picture comes up, i am obligated tp perform some pre arranged act. Like buying more lingerie, or caging. There are always multiple pics of my favs and of course, none more so than those of Mistress. Usually the Mistress pics are bonus turns that ultimately lead me to the targeted pic of the day. i save Her images for the phone sessions and biggest moments.

Models like Monica just get me into vulnerable positions, sort of doing the leg work (so to speak) so that Mistress can do the real femming during sessions with Her.

Well, i'm at it again. Last week after i ordered the green bra, i decided that a period of chastity was in order before i called Mistress & resumed my femming by Her. Chastity makes me more receptive to what Mistress has in store for me * as She once said "makes me more eager to please Her".

i am getting more eager by the moment. It has been a week since i last masturbated & i have been playing the pic game with Monica and losing. Now i am into day 3 of chastity caging, this after 4 days of abstinence. i am approaching a state of sissy frenzy now. The latest deal with the devilish Monica is there will be no escaping the cage until just before i call Mistress. No call, no release. Naturally the call will end with a return to the cage and a return to feminzation training by Mistress. Interestingly, Mistress Cassie is easier on me with cage time than Monica, which is ironic. But Monica, and other such nubile Beauties, play a rather small role in my feminization, She's really just a fluffer for Mistress, the Real Deal is Mistress Cassie. There's no game playing with Her.

Oh, my. What's a gurl to do?

sissy maid diane

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