Sunday, July 10, 2011

A phone session video with the Hypnotic Mistress Cassie - Part 1

A long while back, Mistress Cassie sent me a recording, a hypnotic recording. It runs about 21 minutes long. i have listened to it many, many times.
Whether my phone sessions with Her are specifically hypnosis sessions or regular feminization sessions, She is always hypnotic. It's all about Control, the Mistress/sissy realtionship. And with Mistress Cassie, that amazing Voice cannot be denied. And, there's no doubt Who's in Control.

This is part one of a session i recorded and posted on my previous blog in early 2010. There are 3 more parts.

So, watch and listen to the amazing Mistress Cassie as She gives little sissy diane a sesssion and another dose of feminization. Soon  enough i'll session with Her again and this new blog will have new femming content.

sissy maid diane


  1. diane- lovely post! love those sweet sheets, too, btw! You are right, Mistress' voice is soo hypnotic. Of course< you would know...
    You look nice following all Her directions. As a phone sex caller in the past, so much is familiar! :)
    Look foward to more...

  2. Once again you have done a great post. Mistress Cassie's voice is so hypnotic and you look wonderful. I to look forward to more of this session. very hot!!! hugs

  3. Hi Weave,

    Thank you! Yes, those sheets are great. i slip and slide all over the place in gurly delight with my nylon nighties on.

    That pitiful camera i have doesn't do justice to Mistress' Voice. i'm okay with my less than high res pics (on purpose), but Her Voice is better than what you hear. Much better......

    So, so Hot!


  4. Hi regina,

    Thanks! i'm happy to hear from you again. i just posted part two - it gets hotter, for me anyway. :o)