Monday, July 25, 2011

sissy chastity and feminization clarity

i think a certain amount of clarity has suddenly hit me about Mistress, chastity, porn and what it all means. After posting about the lovely Monica, something dawned on me. A thought worth sharing, i think. After so many years of cross dressing, fantasizing about being controlled by a Dominant Female, and generally being in denial - along comes Mistress Cassie.

Yes, i just posted about the lovely Monica, and there have been countless other Women in pictures and quite a few in the flesh. But only One has been able to accomplish the one real important thing. Only One has taken me beyond fantasizing, beyond gazing at pictures and cross dressing.

That One, Mistress Cassie has given me rare insights into real feminization that has transcended even my own considerable imagination. She has crafted a plan, a long, patient plan to make me finally understand what it feels like to be Female - for real. i am and have for years been very familiar with the feel of lingerie. Its silky allure has always been irresistible to me.

But now it's all so real. When i dress now, i feel like a Woman, and i've come to experience emotions that i've never known before, and i think few men ever do. It has taken even an accomplished professional like Mistress years to bring me to this state of awareness. The best looking Women on the Internet cannot begin to approach this accomplishment. i still love looking at Them, but now as role models. The one real love i have captioned about previously:

Yes, and now my latest addition to my own caps regarding Mistress Cassie:

sissy maid diane


  1. pussy whipped.


    Mistress Cassie

  2. Hello Mistress Cassie,

    Yes, a am so Pussy whipped it'as almost embarrassing. Almost.

    But pussified, wow, that's anew term for me. And a powerful one at that! Yes, i have been pussified by You, Mistress.