Thursday, July 28, 2011

Maid Diane Trained Sissy

I am pleased to announce to the world that sissymaid diane is a trained sissy. In other words, this sissy girl is trained and feminized. What this means is all the rest of you silly (slutty) sissies can look to diane to see where you are going.

Of course, I have more plans for diane. Having a wonderful sissy wardrobe, beautiful sissy tits, a dildo to suck and a cage to wear is only the beginning.

sissy diane is a trained sissy, however, she has a long road ahead of her to become a trained cuckold. Becoming a cuckold is a natural progression for a slut like diane. I know she really, and I mean REALLY wants to be on her knees sucking My lover's cock. I know she would be at My bedroom door on a moments notice (give or take a few minutes for airline scheduling)

sissy diane is free to continue playing her beloved picture game, wearing her beautiful lingerie, tits, and beloved cage as she likes.

What is new for sissy diane is on My Command, no, My Demand, she will be put on her knees, sucking cock ( while her little clitty is caged) and learning to put her own excited little clitty on DENIAL. I will send My little cuckold diane messages and instructions when the time comes. This 'schedule' will be based on My real time life as unpredictable and exciting as that is.

Also, as you all know, Wednesday is yellow panties day. Friday is green panties day. I will be adding to the panty schedule over the rest of the summer. I want my little pretty army of sissies to wear their colourful panty uniforms in order!

Thursday (today) is my favourite PINK panties day. Are you in pink?

Mistress Cassie


  1. Hello Mistress Cassie,

    Yes, i am Your trained sissy. Thank You for making it official. i feel like i've graduated!

    i guess my 'masters' degree will be earned as Your cuckold.

    i started today day caged and in blue panties, but pink went on as soon as i got home and read Your post. How exciting! i'm scheduled (and trained)for 3 days of panty color now. Just 4 more to go. :o)

    Being a cuckold was something i rarely even thought of before my training by You started. Soon it will become reality. Just like the rest of my femmy training - real.

    sissy maid diane

  2. wow Diane i am so happy for You. i sincerely do not think there is anything more wonderful than Mistress taking the time to make such an annoucement. You must be awfully proud and eager.

    i have read your blog for so long...i had no idea that one day i would too be under Mistress's training. But i was impressed by Her ways, style, the ways SHE expresses herself.

    of course i did not know how HER voice just enthralls us...

    i should have,reading your blog, but sometimes things have to be experienced

    Mistress has our future all planned...we do not know or realize as we start but SHE is the Master/Mistress of our lives.



  3. Miss Diane- Thank You for feminizing diane, and helping us to learn our place.
    I wore pink panties (with black lace!) yesterday, and this morning.
    Thank yo again.

  4. Congrats to you, im wearing pink again today

  5. Hello Julia,

    Yes, it is very exciting that Mistress would make this announcement and i'm more eager to please Her than ever!

    i'm happy to hear that You are being trained by Mistress as well. Listen and obey...... :o)


  6. Hi Weave,

    Isn't pink the best? With black trim - nice!


  7. Hi kathi,

    Thank you! i still have work to do - obviously. :o)

    Pink rules!