Sunday, July 24, 2011

A summer's day sissy walk in the woods

i really do like my new green bra and silicone breast forms. What better way to enjoy them than to go green - outdoors. It's very, very hot here in the east, but i managed a short walk along the edge of my neighborhood. There's a neighbor's yard in the background that's much closer than it appears. i was standing on the property line.Fortunately i wasn't busted for trespassing. :o)

Yes, i know i'm wearing boy stuff too. But i have on my green bra, my green panties, a black waist cincher and my cage.

Mistress has called me back to feminization training, and wants me in green. i am still building up the nerve to call Her, (it's been so long) but it won't be much longer now.

sissy maid diane


  1. Lovely pics... and a great idea!! We made it to the local beaches... no fem wear for me, but I loved some of the bikinis I saw on the beach! :D Nothing in green, though...

  2. Hi Weave,

    It's funny but green isn't the most popular color out there. Fortunately, i have a few things green, including my new 'wonder' bra.

    Aren't beaches the best?