Saturday, July 23, 2011

The fascination with silicone sissy breasts and answering the call to service

Yes, the last post here was by none other than Mistress Cassie Herself. i have been summoned back to Her, to servitude to Her and for more of Her feminization training. Of course, i'll answer the call, the bell, it's just a matter of when now.

Mistress wants me in green, green for go. One thing lacking in my extensive sissy wardrobe is green bras. When i saw Her post, i browsed on line for a green bra and found one. It's an instant favorite of mine already. i love the material, the lace and most of all i love the way it encases my new silicone breasts, a 'c' cup set of silicone breast forms. 

After i had purchased a set of 'h' cup forms a couple of years ago, i became instantly obsessed with them. Here are some pics i took with those big tits. But the manufacturer warned against sleeping in them and it was rare that i did so. They were too big, if that's possible for a sissy. These 'c' cups are another matter.

i found a number of bras that were quite a nice fit for them in my existing collection. Since, i've been adding a few. Then i found myself wearing the forms and bra to bed, eventually every night. Until the green bra arrived this week, i was in love with a blue Bali Satin Tracings bra. i have three more of that particular bra on the way in different colors. But this green bra is to die for. Between the Bali bra and this green sweetie, i now spend more than half of every day wearing a 'filled' bra. Every night when i get home until i wake up the next morning.

This is much more serious than the big tits. These are more proportionate to my body size & type. i can't get enough. Soon, when i return to service to Mistress, i may end up begging to keep these silicone wonders as external breasts. There's no telling what i might do for Mistress to avoid permanent implants now. This is the price for staying away so long. It has been a month since my last IM session with Her, and months since the last sissy training phone session. 

i have the bra on now as well as the cage. i am in self imposed chastity, saving myself for Her. And the frenzy intensifies as i try to resist reentry into the world of feminization - Mistress Cassie's world. Resistance is futile, i know this, Mistress knows this, Mistress knows i know that She knows, etc. etc. i am playing with my tits and my pretty, feminine green bra right now. And, i am playing with fire.

 The next round of feminization could be much, much deeper. It will be up to Mistress Cassie how deep.

sissy maid diane


  1. You are a very lucky sissy. Wish i were a sissy of Mistress Cassie.

  2. Hi kathi,

    Yes, i am a lucky sissy. Mistress Cassie is the best!

    Thanks for writing.