Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A phone session video with the Hypnotic Mistress Cassie - Part 2

Well, here's part two of the phone session video with Mistress Cassie. i was wearing my new cotton print panty and bra set. As i've said before i prefer nylon and sometimes satin. But these cotton panties do have a nice feel and sheen to them. At the end of the day, Mistress can get me excited wearing anything, or nothing.

The audio comes nowhere near doing Her incredible Voice justice. i was getting real excited by the end this clip. But She wasn't done yet..............

More to 'cum'.

sissy maid diane


  1. oh yes you were so right. much hotter and the voice. oh my god!! wonderful. I look forward to part 3. Thanks hon. hugs

  2. Hi regina,

    Part 3 is tonight. Enjoy!


  3. sissy diane- oh my, I loved Her voice here. The combination of the silk sheets and nylon....ooh! :)
    And, yes, the gagging! :D I've loved that in past calls with PSOs... and they seem to get a "kick" out of it, too, LOL! Such a little slut I can be!!
    Lovely, hon!

  4. Hi Weave,

    Yes, it's a Voice that can't be denied (and i don't-. The silky satin of the sheets and my lingerie is so, so much fun!

    i'm quite sure Mistress gets a kick out of it all. Her laugh tells that story.