Saturday, October 22, 2011

a sissy cuckold caption

Another lovely cap from i am mesmerized by this Model's breasts. They are absolute perfection.

The message is another matter. That last sentence "Now sit there quietly, not another word" is compelling stuff. Yes, i would do just that under the pictured circumstances. But the sissy mind would be anything but quiet.

Mistress has told me that being a cuckold is very difficult, very hard for the sissy to endure. Maybe that's why She hasn'r given me more cuckold training. Maybe, like the cage, i won't have to endure a lot if it if i Obey Her. So, i do my best to be a good sissy.

No cuckold training yet this week, but this image has made me dress up, cum and cage. Yes, i am caged again. Hmmmmm, maybe i did get a little training after all.

sissy maid diane


  1. yes, sissy diane, you are continuously in training. cuckold training while I am enjoying My REAL MAN.
    sit there quietly while he pounds My pussy and makes Me cum.
    poor sissy.

  2. diane- you are right, her breasts are worth us adoring... and those last words are ... stunning. Mistress must be right, again. OMG...

  3. Hello Mistress Cassie,

    Yes, i am continuously in training. Thinking about You alone has become so frequent that continuous is a good word.

    Thinking about You and Your Man and what He's doing to You - and for You. Oh, my!

    i will sit here in my panties quietly Mistress, and envision the Two of You together. Thank You Mistress, for another lesson in cuckold training.


  4. Hello Sometimes spanked,

    Yes, those breasts are worthy of adoration.

    More importantly, Mistress is always right. ;o)