Tuesday, October 11, 2011

sissy submission captions - it's all about Mistress

Being feminized is serious business. It's life altering. Sometimes my mind wanders, it can be great fun at times and at other times very difficult.

Some days i don't really want to be a gurl. It's a lot of trouble, and well, it can be troubling. i am increasingly a gurl trapped in a boys body. The shaved smooth skin, the painted nails and the constant presence of panties remind me that constantly that i am deep into an inescapable femmy trap. A silky, pretty trap set expertly by Mistress Cassie. Even on those bad days, i'm so far gone now that i can't imagine not wearing panties. i need them, just like i need Mistress.

Two of the questions that Mistress asked me in O/our last  phone session:

"Do you need your Mistress"?
"Always, forever?

The honest answer to both questions - yes, Mistress!

So, tonight i'm having a little fun with captions. Yes, my mind does wander at times. i dream of such encounters as pictured. i am pouty and reluctant at times. i wonder why i can't return to my pre Mistress life. i wonder why (most of the time) i really don't want to.....

The world can be a hard cruel place. Yes, the allure of the soft pretty feminine world is strong indeed. But nothing is stronger than the Control a Mistress has over a well trained sissy.

i do my best to please Mistress. She has many ways of keeping me on the feminization path, many ways to keep my mind on pleasing Her. i like Her subtle, patient, pleasing approach to leading me to embrace my femming. i try to avoid the less subtle and pleasing choices that She has at Her disposal. Like the sissy pictured above learned the hard way, i think that compliant submission is the way to go.

Either way, Mistress knows best....

sissy maid diane


  1. diane- yes, all that WORK to be a sexy girl! Mistress surely does have you...and your best interests in mind. What's a little ...shaving! ;)

  2. Hi sometimes spanked,

    Yes, it's a lot of work - a labor of love! What's a little shaving indeed.


  3. Hello Mistress Cassie,

    Mmmmm - thank You. i always love hearing 'good girl' from You.

    i do 'Listen and Obey" my Mistress, and will comply with Your demands.