Friday, October 14, 2011

Another sissy caption - When a sissy surrenders sexually 100%

Here's another caption from that hits home. No, i do not want to be in the cage at all times. In fact, i obey Mistress to avoid long term caging, to avoid using my 'best lock' that only She has the key to.

The cage has been instrumental in my femme training for sure, and my interest is always piqued at the mention in caps like this one. But it's the last statement "Starting today, I want to own you sexually100%" that really got my attention.

That's where Mistress has me now. She owns me sexually 100%. The last session with Mistress culminated with a discussion about chatting boys on line. One in particular, that i'll call 'K'. Mistress knows about K, knows that He wants my mouth. Mistress had me tell K that he is now on Her radar. i have done so, and He is very excited to see what cums next. Unlike most of the boys i chat with K is not threatened by Mistress. In fact, He wants to be a part of my training - Her training of me.

Mistress knows, K knows, i know that this will not be the end of this chapter. Once again, i have obeyed Mistress Cassie. She will make the next move, maybe in O/our next (soon to come) session, maybe a month from now - whenever. Whenever She wants wants & however She wants. That's the way it is for a sissy who's sexuality is owned - 100% - by a Mistress, in this case Mistress Cassie..

sissy maid diane


  1. Oh my! I knew Mistress owned you 100% sexually already... What an exciting thought about how you are a wanted sissy! :)

  2. Hi sometimes spanked,

    Yes, Mistress owns me sexually and every other way. She has trained me to be 'wanted' - and to want....