Saturday, October 29, 2011

Revisiting a special femmy caption

i was looking back at some of my own (archived) pictures and captions this morning and came across this one. i think it captures the essence of femininity. Not only in the way The Modal poses and what She's wearing, but the feeling i've come to embrace while being feminized.

The silky feel of lingerie over my freshly shaved body, the wafting scent of my own perfume, the make up, the nails. It's all experiencing what the Female Mystique is all about. When i dress, i lose myself in a wondrous world of all that is gurl. And i have Mistress Cassie to thank for that!

sissy maid diane

1 comment:

  1. diane- there truly IS something about this picture, I feel it!
    Just hanging out, being luxurious in silky, sexy clothes... and all the trappings!
    Nice day today to do this, with all the rain and snow in our area! At least it looks like we won't have to shovel, hon!