Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Upskirts for sissies

i've posted about my young, impressionable days. Days when my dawning puberty clashed with the occasional, compelling up skirt peek provided by my Female schoolmates. An undeniable influence on my path towards cross dressing.

All these years later, my cross dressing has led down a path to Mistress Cassie. Cross dressing became feminization. While i still love looking at (and wearing) panties, i cannot deny that when i came across this image my femming made this appealing to me. So, i captioned my feelings.

Like so many things, my views have changed. Viewing an up skirt with a surprise package, is well stimulating. The lovely, flat panty gusset that a Woman presents for viewing is still jaw dropping. A wondrous and inviting sight.

Alas, now feminized and controlled by Mistress, this up skirt is equally appealing.

sissy maid diane


  1. Thanks, Jenny,

    i'm glad you enjoyed them!


  2. Yes, I always loved a panty-back view or a skirt-peek, the rare times they occur, lol! :)
    These "up" views always appeal to me -- for Women, just the POWER it tends to portray (me, on my knees, looking up)... Now, men in sexy panties are just flowing into the "mix" here, too. Love the caption!

  3. Hi sara,

    Yes, those exciting peeks are rare. And yes, i think we both understand the evolving nature of feminization.

    i'm glad you enjoyed it!