Sunday, October 2, 2011

The sissy Princess dress

After the alterations, wearing the dress from Mistress Cassie, Her dress was a sissy dream come true. During a session afterwards with Mistress, She likened it to me being Her Princess. In fact, Mistress wants me to get a tiara to adorn next time i wear the dress. And there will be a next time.

During the session, Mistress decided that i've been such a good sissy gurl, that i wouldn't be required to put my best lock on the cock cage. The one that She has the only key to. that lock, that key will only be used for punishment. As long as i 'Listen and obey" Mistress, i can avoid the (very) long term caging that would result in that lock being used.

So, i will listen & obey, and continue down the feminization path that Mistress has me follow. Most of the session's message was centered on Her lover's (Blaze) cock, cuckolding & sucking other cocks. i'm sure there will be more to come on that subject.

But for today, it was really all about the dress, which madde me feel more like a gurl than ever. Mistress Cassie's sissy gurl for sure.

sissy maid diane. 


  1. diane- You look DEVINE in that dress, hon!! Congrats!

  2. Hi sometimes spanked,

    Thank you! i felt wonderful wearing it.


  3. Y did u become a sissy