Sunday, October 2, 2011

The sissy sewing challenge pics - and The Dress

Well, at long last , here it is, the sissy sewing challenge from Mistress Cassie. i did buy a sewing machine for this assignment, but i also bought a sissy sewing kit. The garment that i chose to alter is very special indeed. It is Mistress Cassie's actual High School graduation dress. The day will come when i learn to use a sewing machine, but hand sewing seemed much more appropriate for this dress.

The dress is simply beautiful, and i have never felt more feminine, or closer to Mistress Cassie than when i first wore it. That first night led to a memorable session with Mistress. Tonight after the alterations, i wore it in full sissy gurl mode for the first time. The accessories that Mistress 'suggested' were a necklace, something for the arms and beige heels. So, i wore a simple pearl necklace, and for the first time my gloves, which i purchased last year in anticipation of an online sissy marriage to Mistress. Uh, that may still happen some day. But for tonight they are to compliment the dress. Also, a flower bouquet for an extra touch.

It is a little chilly, on this early fall evening, so i added a scarf as a shoulder wrap. i didn't wear a bra, the hem under the bust held my breasts quite nicely and since the dress is off the shoulder and open in the back, going bra less worked well.

The alterations were necessary for me to wear the dress properly. While the waist & hips were no problem, the chest was. Mistress has those lovely Womanly hips, but is narrower in the chest. Her breasts are C cups,, but She is 34 C, i am 38 C (C with my sissy silicone forms, that is). The size i chose when She shared Heres with me some time ago. Now it turns out to be a great decision fit wise. And, once again i feel closer than ever to my Mistress.

The dress barely fastened at the neck as it was, but there was no way to make up the 4" difference in our chest measurement and zip the dress entirely up, as designed. There is a filmy outer layer to the lined dress. i zipped the dress up as far as i could, then hand sewed the filmy material to the several inches of the zippered portion of the dress i could not get closed. i also sewed a piece of elastic where the dress closes at the top, as it got too tight after the initial alteration.Anyway, it gives the dress an open back look, which i think worked out well. i hope Mistress likes it.

Here are picture of me sewing the dress, wearing my Saturday red. and a couple of me wearing the dress, with the alterations. Tonight, i will have a session with Mistress full dressed, in Her dress. Tomorrow i will post more pictures of me in this wonderful dress, this wonderful gift from Mistress, and will share details of the session.

Sewing was good sissy fun, and on this occasion a labor of love for Mistress, on Her dress. Oh, how i love this dress! And, oh, how i love my Mistress!!

sissy maid diane


  1. Delightful work! I can see you tented your panties, must have been thinking about Mistress!

  2. Hi Sometimes spanked,

    Yes, it was 'hard' to escape the feelings of excitement while sewing, then wearing that dress, my Mistress' dress. :o)

    sissy maid diane

  3. Love your blogs diane that dress is very pretty on you and amke you look so sissy and wonderfull fem all at once you do look so pretty in it

  4. Hello Anonymous,

    Why thank you! i'm happy to hear that you're enjoying my blog.

    That dress will forever be special to me. Yes, i feel entirely femme and all sissy gurl when i wear it. Because it's a very pretty dress, and because it is Mistress Cassie's dress. She has allowed me to be the care taker. And i am going to take very good, loving care of it!

    Thanks for writing.