Sunday, October 30, 2011

The games Mistress plays with sissy

i have written much about sissy games, most notably the sissy picture game. A game i play a lot - and lose at a lot. But Mistress Cassie also plays games. While training Her sissies is serious business, Mistress does play games. Sometimes at the end of a phone session She will have me pick a number. She might have 4 numbers is mind, say 1, 3,6 & 8. She has written down a number of hours i am to be caged by each number.

As an example:

1 =  8 hours
3 = 2 hours
6 = 48 hours
8 = 12 hours

i pick a number, knowing that i could be caged anywhere between 2 and 48 hours. She is playing with me while i agonize over which number equals what. Mistress is having fun playing games with Her sissy.

Back in August, Mistress Cassie started a new game on Her blog:

The sissy quest and scavenger hunt. i have participated with 4 posts and have been awarded points accordingly. Yet, there has been no apparent interest from Mistress in the game for almost a month now. Of course, this is the beauty of Her position. Perhaps She has tired of it, or maybe She wants sissies like me to obsess about it, to wonder what's She's doing.

It has a twofold effect when Mistress plays a game like this. One, it excites the sissy to participate and try to please Mistress by completing as many of the challenges as possible. It is a quest for the sissy. Then, secondly when Mistress ignores it for weeks at a time, the sissy is left wondering what's going on. Is the game over, or just on hold. It affects the sissy both ways. That's the beauty of the games Mistress plays. Her rules, and only She knows the real intent. But it gets results, and it another way that She feminizes and exercises Her control.

There are interesting differences between the games sissies play and the games that Mistress Plays. i play the picture game and have some element of control over the out come and when i play. i emphasize some because the playing usually leads to another bit of femming as i frequently lose.

When Mistress plays a game, it's unpredictable where it will go and what the time line will be. She can change the rules on a whim. The sissy is left in limbo. i have a pink fuzzy sweater that is worth 10 points in Her game if i dress up and post with pictures. i think about, i obsess really. What's going on?

She could easily say "Where's the sweater shoot sissy? It's overdue and as such you risk punishment caging. Remember I am holding the only key to your best lock, and not playing the game is disobedience".

She might not say or do anything at all, leaving me and the other sissies in Her stable hanging. Wondering........

Ah, the games Mistress plays............deadly.

sissy maid diane

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