Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Girdles, chastity & sissy tanlines - oh my!

                            Nothing says 'feminized sissy' like tan lines

i have been a chaste sissy since Mistress Cassie posted on my blog last week about girdle training. i spent several hours 'girdled' today & masturbation seemed imminent (and was needed). Then Mistress left a comment today & i decided that chastity until my next session with Her was in order. After all, while i haven't masturbated since last Wednesday (this is day 6), i also haven't starting my girdle training in earnest. i am out of town, and will be back on Thursday evening. By this weekend i will have shaved and will do a dress up girdle post for Mistress.

It won't take long after that and i will be calling Mistress for my first session with Her since January  i will be in a girdle and chastity frenzy, very much in need of Mistress.

So, while i'm at it - nothing says 'feminized sissy' like tan lines. i've done it once with cream. It is the  equivalent of a sissy 'tramp stamp'. Or 'property of Mistress Cassie".

Back when i had lines for a bit, they were a constant reminder of my sissy state and of Mistress. So, there will be cream involved again, it just came today.It's a better quality than what i used in my last attempt to tan.

So real sissy girdle training starts this weekend. Chastity is well underway. Posts, tan lines and the long awaited session to follow.

sissy maid diane


  1. diane- I'm looking forward to your girdled session pics, hon! Mistress will have you squirming for relief! Hugs, Sara

  2. Hi sara,

    Believe me, i'm already squirming! :o)


  3. diane- Hunnie, I just see this is the main "tanning" you spoke of...Darn, in my delighted mind, I hoped you'd "augmented" beyond this with time at a tanning salon!!!
    "Squirming"... I like that word, young lady.
    Hugs, Sara