Thursday, December 27, 2012

The perils of wearing a girdle daily

my long time obsession with the girdle has led to Mistress Cassie mandated girdle training. At the time, it seemed easy enough, even exciting. After all my panty training by Mistress was quickly and painlessly implemented (permanently).

Girdles are another matter though. A control garment by design, they can be very uncomfortable. i don't know how Women do it on a regular basis. i've been wearing open bottom girdles when i can, but i have a limited supply of that style in the required colors.

On the other hand, my large collection panty girdles simply make me sore on most days. They aren't designed for sissy genitalia, as the lovely model Tori demonstrates in these caps.

Hopefully this training will be more like conditioning for regular wearing that doesn't necessarily mean every day. Like with so much of my training after a while i need the things i'm trained for.


i need to pee sitting down
i need to cage after masturbation
i need to keep my body hair shaved

All of these things are needs that have been trained into me by Mistress. But i don't pee, cage or shave for hours every day.

There's no doubt now that i have spent a lot more time girdled during the last 2 weeks than most 6 month periods in the past. It's obvious to me that i will need to adorn a girdle much more frequently moving forward, and will abide by the color schedule when that need arises.

Hopefully Mistress will show some mercy here and not require daily girdle wear in the future. i'll find out soon enough. There is another pressing need now. The need for a phone session with Mistress.

sissy maid diane


  1. diane- Ouch! Your comments reminded me of some painful times in girdles...ooh, the squishing. Wearing them full-time would certainly seem difficult! I'd thought you'd cruise through this, but now am feeling for you, hon.

  2. Hi sara,

    Yes girdles are designed for real Women. That's what makes them so appealing!

    But, there'a price to pay for sissies.


  3. yes girdles feel great l love facials also real facials mud packs