Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Girdles for men

i think this will be the first in a series of posts about girdles. For those who are not a girdle fan, i apologize in advance.

The fact is, i'm in something of a 'girdle frenzy' right now - again. Yes. i've posted about girdles numerous times. It goes back to puberty for me where girdles are concerned. Like the Mistress Cassie feminization trap i'm caught up in, the girdle influence simply isn't going away.

So, what about this frenzy? Well, for starters, due to personal & professional 'issues' this year, i have bought very few new gurly things in 2012. That is until 2 very affordable girdles in the last couple of weeks. More about that later, but let's just say that this post from yesterday is related:

It's complicated (as usual), but if you watch & listen to the video, there is some noticeable 'swishing' going on as She disrobes. Oh that wonderful skirt over nylons sound! Well, let's just say that my new  girdles have a certain 'swish' about them.

So, more to come, maybe even a video w/ sound, my new girdle sound while i walk in heels.

For now, this ad from what looks like my puberty era got my attention in more ways than one. The wording is interesting. Like "Choose Kayser for men". Girdles very much attracted me as a young 'man', but i don't really equate them an attractant per say for the average man, especially these days.

But, read the ad - it's interesting. From a different era for sure, and for me - cage worthy.

All these years later.

sissy maid diane

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