Wednesday, December 12, 2012

sissy fear - fear of girdles, masturbators, hobbling & Mistress Cassie

Living in fear can be a terrible thing. i fear Mistress Cassie and the hold that She has on me. She has panty trained me, toilet trained me, cock cage trained me, and has done it all without a slave contract. She has told me (correctly) that She simply doesn't need a contract to enslaves and feminize sissies.

She can post a panty color schedule on a whim & i now wear those ordained colors for Her every day. It's a contract of sorts, but it doesn't need to be a signed document. It's a done deal.

i pee sitting down now, no contract. i have to factor in a minimum of 4 hours in the cock cage every time i masturbate, no contract.

i am in fact, a Mistress Cassie trained sissy - period. Such is Her Power over me.

So, these three things are a 'trained' given (and there are more - (shaving, painting nails, etc) which is why i live in fear of Her. These three things though epitomize what i am really vulnerable to with Her. And that would be 'task specific training'.

Currently i can think of at least three more things that i would fear training of by Mistress. It's one reason that i've been holding out on a phone session.

1) Girdle training

2) The fleshlight

3) Being 'hobbled' by the hobble skirt & locked heels

Why such blinding fear? Instead of a series of girdle posts, i will be posting 3 times about these three little fears. the first will be about current training fear #1 - girdle training.

Tonight though, i'm trying not to think about what the future holds for me. The inevitable phone session with Mistress looms large now. And there will be repercussions for me waiting so long.

It's a fearsome situation!

sissy maid diane

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