Friday, December 28, 2012

Real feminization with a plastic reality

My feminization by Mistress Cassie is very real. So is the plastic reality that has defined my sexual identity while being trained by Mistress.

First the dildo & followed shortly after by the hard plastic.cock cage.

Now the plastic 'Fleshlight' pussy has gotten my attention as well as Mistress' attention. As She has commented, it's the closest i'll come to real Pussy now.

Finally, my ongoing obsession with Pussy has taken a turn towards plastic covered tease Pussy.


Yes, Mistress Cassie is for real. And so is plastic.

i haven't seen Mistress on line the last couple of days, but i have sissy tan lines, and it won't take long to get dressed when i first IM with Her. Then the phone session. It could happen tonight, maybe tomorrow, but soon in any event.

And it will all be documented here - with pictures.

sissy maid diane


  1. Wonderful honey, what would she think of a conference call with us two fags ?

  2. Hi Diane, are you still waiting to cum?

    BTW I love the 2nd pic (in blue). You look great, wish it was me.

  3. sissy diane- I'm really looking forward to seeing your tan lines, hon. Please include photos of those... and the story of how you got them!
    I think you'll find plastic pussy a reasonable substitute... I mean, we sissies can't have Real Women now, can we??
    Hug, Sara

  4. Hi Michelle,

    i think that's a great idea. :o)

    i'll see what Mistress thinks.


  5. Hi anonymous,

    i was until Friday, 01/04/13. i was granted some relief from Mistress after one month of chastity. More about that later.....


  6. Hi sara,

    The tan lines results were disappointing, so i won't be sharing photo's on that attempt. :o(

    i'll give it another shot in the future.

    As far as plastic pussy, i think it's a reasonable alternative to the real thing. No, we won't be seeing that again!